Position detection systems COLAS

The COLAS systems are primarily used to determine an object's position and orientation and to turn the robots tool orientation accordingly.



  • Single search and parallel shift of the program for short seams
  • Multiple search, start and end of seam, then 2D or 3D shift of the program
  • Determination of the center of a circle for bolt or tube welding applications
  • Adaptive welding by measurement of geometry (gap, area)
  • Replacement for slow tactile searching

Component recognition | handling

  • Position detection in 3D
  • Distinction between different parts to select right program
  • Program shift / turn / tilt of robot program and tool angle, eg for grippers


  • High search speed
  • Simultaneous detection of side and height
  • Various search modes selectable through teach pendant
  • Easily programmable object recognition
  • No reference position required
  • Web Interface
  • Only one cable (robot/machine) required
  • Easy to retrofit