Our systems

Consisting of an optical measuring head and evaluation unit as well as corresponding evaluation software including a web interface, our systems can be operated with robots or PLC-controlled special machines.

Image evaluation

image processing &

Measuring distances, using a suitable sensor, evaluating the determined data and communicating with the executing machine -- this is our speciality.

Automatic welding, position determination and quality control ... - our software works reliably in applications that could not be more versatile.

Measuring heads

sensor &

Different conditions and requirements require different measuring width, accuracy or a special measuring distance. Therefore, our range of measuring heads is broadly diversified.

Our sensors for seam tracking are designed for the harsh welding environment, and can be optimally used in all welding processes.

The sensors developed and used by us come from German or Austrian production.

Web Interface

web interface

A user-friendly web interface is used to visualize the results as well as to set various parameters. The system can also be freely programmed if desired.

Machine and robot interfaces

Various interfaces are available, eg Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman, PLC, analog sled systems, ...