seam tracking and control


Steel, aluminum, titanium, NiRo, ...


Single-wire / two-wire Mig / Mag steel, single-wire / two-wire Mig Aluminum, TIG, plasma welding or soldering

Our systems are excellently suited for seam detection, seam tracking and seam control, and therefore quality-enhancing instruments that can be used around welding.

The sensors used for this purpose are designed for the rough welding environment. Heat, splashes, smoke and the arc have no influence on the reliability of the measurement. The optics are protected by a replaceable protective glass, the hardware is robust and the measuring distance is large despite small dimensions of the sensors.

Using our software, it is possible to recognize any seam shape, to sew together any seam shapes and to correct the robot path. This allows the correct detection of components with high tolerances or of seam geometries whose appearance changes considerably over the course to be welded, as well as ensuring constant seam appearance. If the gap or edge offset is too large, the welding process can be stopped, for example.